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Tutor Volunteer

After graduating from school and becoming of age our target group needs a reliable support with their further education. Through private teachings in different subjects, the tutor volunteer can support us in their areas of expertise.

Workshop Volunteer

Share their knowledge about topics such as job interview situations, the realization of resumes, keeping a household, reasonable grocery management etc.

Friendly Volunteer

Spend time with our youngsters through different activities, such as hikes, bike rides, cooking, walks through in the city and more. This allows them to strengthen their social abilities, networks and relationships of trust.

Managing Volunteer

Provides us with contacts of their personal network to give the issue more visibility, to manage the development of our foundation, to support the organization and publication of our charity events, to support the diligence and presentation of budget plans for official competition announcements, in which the foundation can participate with their experience and knowledge and to connect with donors.

Administrative Volunteer

Supports us in the archiving of documents of the FFF, organization of the accounts archive, updating and maintenance of different data bases, organization of the photo and video material, updating inventory of our two programmes.

Member of assembly volunteer

Supports the governability of the foundation, monitors things like public management, works plans, the validity and approval of budget plans and financial statements. The assembly also names the members of the board of directors.

Member of Board volunteer
Holds roles like president, treasurer or fiscal, attends at least one reunion per month, monitors the implementation of the planification and budget plan. Supports the management of resources and names the director of the foundation.


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