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The Foundation Forming Futures (FFF) is a non-profit organization based in the city of Cali, Colombia.
It is registered in the chamber of commerce in Cali under the register n° 708 of Book I, with TIN 805.026.664-3 and was established in 2003. The FFF works with youngsters leaving the public protection programme, or teenagers that are still in protection and highly vulnerable.
During our 14 years of experience we have been accompanying the transition process of young people that didn’t have the opportunity to grow up in a stable family environment from the protection programme to an autonomous adult life. It especially dedicates to teenagers and young adults of the ICBF system in the region of the Cauca Vally and is constituted in accordance with national and international standards. The foundation uses different methods in their work with institutionalized teenagers and young adults and regularly publishes material, such as videos, reports and other publications.


Through the voluntary work in a protection center in Cali in 1998 our founder Tanya Manuell learned about the problems of young adults leaving the public protection system. These youngsters all grow up in conditions which request high adaptability and hardly ever enjoy a safe family situation.
That motivated Tanya to develop a pedagogic model that was implemented for the first time on a group of young men leaving the ICBF protection. None of them had parental networks or a profile that guaranteed their auto-sustainability, respectively their socio-occupational inclusion.
On the basis of this successful trial, the constitution of the foundation was created in 2003.
The youngsters benefit a lot from the opportunity the foundation is giving them. They finish their studies, they prepare for the work life and they are encouraged to build a professional network. Furthermore we stay in contact with our graduates, pointing out their effort and improvement of their present life quality.
140 youngsters already completed the residential programme and another 1.500 benefited from the non-residential programme in our reference point.


The mission of the foundation is to support and orientate youngsters that are still in public protection or leaving the protection system, as well as other vulnerable adolescents, in order to encourage their potential and to prepare them for an autonomous life.


The vision of the foundation is to develop visibility in the social context of Colombia as a generator of social programmes for young people and as an expert in the field of institutionalized protected youngsters.


2009 FFF represented Colombia in the global Youth Summit on invitation of the World Bank.

2010 FFF was elected as the best Project of Terpel CIS Occidente on a Latin-American level.

2014 FFF wins price at Valor Social de CEPSA.

2009 to 2011 Project of social responsibility of the organization Terpel CIS Occidente.

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