Production project

The production project seeks to contribute in the growing of respect and care of environment and nature, through the production and raising of plants and maintenance of green areas, for the beneficiaries of the two programs carried out by the Fundación d’Futuros.
Purposes of the project in the frame of the develop and gender policies.

  1. To create the opportunity of a first job for young people who already left the protection system or still within it, declared suitable for adoption.
  2. To create permanent jobs for young people under protection declared suitable for adoption and special conditions. These two purposes in the frame of the develop policy mitigate poverty, since they promote job opportunities and make easier the labour inclusion in populations that do no have a parental supporting network.
  3. To promote environmental care and preservation of nature in theyoung beneficiaries of the two programs of our Foundation. In the develop policy, this purpose promotes the protection of natural resources.

The resources left after paying the operation expenses will be used to contribute to the support of the two programs of our Foundation, as guarantee of autosustainability.

You can now also buy our plants and support the young beneficiaries of the FFF.
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