Have you ever wondered what happens when young boys and girls in Colombia leave the public protection system, when becoming of age?
Our foundation is a non-profit organization that works with youngsters who are leaving the ICBF (Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar) system and helps them with their life project, as well as with their academic and professional future.

How can you help?

The Foundation Forming Futures (FFF) is receiving permanent voluntary support, but also occupies permanent roles in order to be able to carry out the foundations necessities and to organize different activities to help the beneficiaries and partners.
Austrian Organization that executes charity events for our foundation

Amigos de FFF en Londres

is a group of people that met us in Colombia as voluntaries or have been contacted by our founder.

Direct Donors or Sponsors

can put a certain budget to the foundations disposal, to be spent in accordance with their necessities. The donor can also chose to support a specific area or project. All our balances are transparent and accessible at any time.

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